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What is sports massage?
- Sports massage is a form of remedial massage and soft tissue treatment designed to relieve tension, reduce knots, improve range of motion and performance, decrease pain and improve wellbeing. Techniques include Neuromuscular technique, myofascial releast, Soft Tissue Release and Muscular Energy Technique.

What does a treatment involve?
- During your first treatment you will be required to fill in a short medical form and injury history. We will then discuss any aims of the treatment, the reason you have come to me and your goals. Whether this is to relieve tension headaches at the end of a stressful working week or to get back to running a marathon PB. After a short postural assessment to gain an idea of the current biomechanics in the body we will proceed to treatment.

I've heard Sports Massage always really hurts and thats the only way it is effective is this true?
-NO! Although Sports and Remedial massage may not always be comfortable we work up to a pain threshold of 6-7/10. Any more than this the tissue is not as resposinsive and the treatment less effective. During treatment we work with you, your pain threshold and the tissue tollerance, and check in to make sure you are happy and comfortable. All treatment will be explained to you prior to beginning.

What should I wear?
Something suitable for the area to be treated, e.g. shorts for a knee injury. Please note youre modsty will be protected at all times
- For men - sports shorts or boxer shorts
- For women - shorts or full breifs, and a normal bra (not a sports bra unless it can be unclasped)

How many sessions will I need
- This depends upon your individual circumstances. Some people like to come in every week or fortnight for regular treatments, some may need an intensive block of treatments during an injury or rehabilitation phase, and others may come in once every 6 week or so for general maintainance. Further treatments can be booked as a block or as a pay as you go.

Do you provide exercises or injury advice?
-Yes! I can provide you with both stretching and stengthening exercises in order to help return you back to full fitness

How long do I really need?
- For first appointments it is advantageous to have a 60 minute or 90 minute appointment to gain a full understanding of case history, goals, postural assessment and restrictions and treatment. Further appointments can be 30 minutes or 45 minutes if working on a small specific area, however, any complex issues or general massage requirements on a larger or full body area would need to be a minimum of 60 minutes.

What does it mean to be a member of the SMA?
- The Sports Massage Association is an association for soft tissue therapists who have reached the required high level of qualifications. They work to maintain high professional standards within our field of work, as well as providing therapists at National and International events such as the Olympic Games.

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