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A womens body goes through many changes during pregnancy and in the post natal period. Regular specialist massage can help alleviate many of the usual pregnancy related symptoms and help recover and restore your body after birth including but not limited to;

•Reducing neck, back and pelvic pain
•Providing relaxation
•Increasing freedom of movement
•C-section scar work - reduce scar tension, improve core reactivation, improve scar feeling/decrease sensitivity
•Improve breathing capacity - reduce diaphragm/rib/abdominal tension
•Caring and nurturing environment
•Truly personalised treatment focusing on your individual needs – no set routines
•Posture improvement, reduction of classic shoulder rounding and lower back arch (increased kuyphosis and lordosis)
•Use of safe oils for the Natal period

Follow up sessions

Initial Consultation and treatment

This includes a medical history and discussion about where you are in your pregnancy or postnatal journey. Together we will develop a treatment plan to manage any pain/tension or simply for relaxation. All techniques and massage mediums are safe and suitable for use during pregnancy or in the postnatal period.

After your initial consultation and treatment we continue to follow the treatment plan discussed at your first appointment, adapting and developing as we continue through sessions to ensure the optimal treatment everytime.

Price: £55/£65
Ashtead/Putney location

Price: £75/£85
Ashtead/Putney location


"I recently had a pregnancy massage with Laura which was fantastic. I've been suffering with pelvic girdle pain and general tension. Laura released some very tight muscles in my hips, glutes and thighs and I felt amazing afterwards. She made me feel comfortable during the treatment and gave me a sense of relief and relaxation working in to my back and shoulders. Highly recommend her services for pregnancy and general muscular aches and pains." J. Coleman, Ashtead

"I just had the best pregnancy massage with Laura Phillips in Putney - I highly recommend her for pre and post natal massage. Her background is sports massage so the treatments are much more helpful and targeted at pregnancy aches and pains thean the traditional Aromatherapy kind. I feel so much better and my pelvic pain is already less after one session. Absolute Bliss" G. Bale, Putney

Frequently asked questions

Will I need to lie flat?
- For Pregnant clients treatments will be carried out on your back raised up by pillows. This allows access the neck, front of shoulders & arms, and front of legs. Treatments to the back and underside side of the legs are carried out with you lying on your side. Together we will find a position which make you as comfortable and supported as possible.
- For postnatal clients - If you are comfortable lying on your stomach then great, however if you are uncomfortable front lying for any reason (e.g. breastfeeding, have had a recent cesarian) we can work lying on your back and side as with the pregnancy massage, and still gain access to anywhere needing treatment.

When can I come in for a treatment?
- For pregnancy clients you need to have had your initial 12 week scan before you come for a treatment.
- In general so long as you are not bleeding (pregnancy or postnatal), have not been told you have placenta previa, are not in active labour, and can lay comfortably for the treatment most people can come in any time. A pre consultation information form must be completed BEFORE your first session to highlight any concerns or problems which might be a contraindication to recieving massage treatment.

What should I wear?
- You can wear any comfortable clothes. You will be covered at all times (other than the body part being worked on) with either a sheet or towel. Most people find they are comfortable in their bra and underwear but some choose to wear exercise shorts. It is better to wear a normal bra rather than a sports bra as this can be undone when needed to access the whole of the back.

if you have any other questions please feel free to call or e-mail me in confidence to discuss on: 07754537335 or email me at

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